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No matter your industry, size, experience or location - our team of experts can help you achieve a greater level of profit and efficiency for your organisation through the power of globalisation and automation.

About Us

Starting in 1986 from a small company, BBS Group today is a multinational company, delivering a wide range services to businesses across the world and adding value to all institutions and their workforce. BBS Group has it’s bespoke solution for any businesses, be it state of the art technology based software solution, or training for staff to increase profit and efficiency or recruiting the best staff for any industry.

Our mission

To help 1,000 businesses and public organisations achieve a greater level of prosperity and efficiency in the next 10 years through the power of global trade, training, recruitment and software solutions

Some of our clients are as follows:

Dragon Recruiting

Welcome to Dragon Recruiting

Dragon Recruiting is a leading international staffing and recruitment company, head-quartered in London, with further offices all over the globe. Our clients range from numerous well known UK and international businesses. We also represent a wide range of less well known clients - helping them to find staff for their businesses around the world.

As an international recruitment agency, our clients benefit from a vast network of human resource specialists who attract, cultivate and connect organisations to talent in both global and local markets. Our unrivalled scope of services and global reach allow us to share candidates and roles across borders. With greater coverage and tools, we can ensure our clients and candidates all get the best outcome for their recruitment needs.

With experience of over 3 decades we are recruiting more than 10,000 workers annually to and from the UK, USA and the Middle East and several other Asian countries. We specialize in the placement of candidates in permanent, contract, temporary and interim positions with clients around the world.

Training Services

Your employees and staff are the lifeblood of your organisation, they’re the vital organs of the complex operation which is your business.

Just like you get regular health checkups and send your car in for maintenance, your company’s employees need to go through the same regular maintenance.

Because without regular training and support for your staff, your business will be set on a spiral downwards, and it’s important to correct things before it’s too late.

Impression Training is specialised in researching and developing comprehensive training solutions for all types of organisations, which have the power to completely revolutionise the output of any company.

Imagine if your employees were producing 10x more? Or they all had extra skills in communication or marketing?

Where would your business be? What would your sales be like? Where would your profit be?

By bringing in experts and certified professionals from BBS Group - increased efficiency, profit and output can all become a reality through our bespoke training solutions.

Whether it’s healthcare, customer service, business development, sales or anything else - we have the personnel to take your business to where you want it to be. Impression Training has access to an expert network of trainers, who have delivered trainings to thousands of delegates and can deliver cutting edge trainings to improve the efficiency of any organisation.

BBS Consultancy

BBS Consultancy Services

When you need help taking your business to the next level or overcoming your next big obstacle, our team of experts with decades of experience in business are on hand to help you achieve your goals.

It all starts with an assessment of the current performance of your business. Our expert analysts will come to your business on site and speak with everyone from the CEO to the receptionist to evaluate what your current problems are to identify areas for improvement.

We’ll then take these problem areas and assess how much of an impact it’s having on your business. The compounding of small inefficiencies here and there costs businesses millions of dollars a year - we want to stop these problem areas before it’s too late.

Our team will then custom tailor a business solution to solve the problems of your business and personally execute it to completion, ensuring that your organisation always runs at its optimum performance - ensuring maximum profit, output and efficiency.

Sophisticated Software Systems

As a part of our management consultancy services we can deploy cutting-edge software systems suitable for medium to large companies and governments. 

Our software solutions ensure that everyone involved in the business from your regulators to your shareholders, has access to the information they need, when they need it and in real-time.

Imagine everyone in your organization each having a central system they can turn to, to clearly access what they need and collaborate with each other.

For our users the result has been the same every single time - increased profit, output and efficiency due to the greater level of clarity.

Software Solution

Automate Your Business

Right now in every business there’s a long list of tasks which is taking up the precious time and attention of your employees.

This is diverting attention from the real focus, like increasing profit and expanding your business.

What if you could take those things which are critical to your business and set them on autopilot, and have your own proprietary software system do the work and accelerate the process?

The result will be your company will get things done faster and more efficiently, giving you an edge over every other competitor, because you’ll have your own proprietary software.

Increase Efficiency

Take your core business operations to the cloud to increase efficiency and improve the security of your business.

Take your core business operations and processes and plug them into your new software.

The result is employees can access what they need and input data from anywhere, from any internet connected device... plus everything will be 100% secure.

Your own online management system is infinitely more efficient, secure and profitable than any paper-based system.

Our team of experts can evaluate your business and identify opportunities for massive acceleration with software, to take you to the next level.


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